Monday, September 20, 2010

Things To Love on a Monday

 1. Marie Antoinette chalk board.
for all my chalk board needs?

 2. cute little emerald ring
for when trevor asks me to marry him!

3. i love this!
but like lucille bluth says, "you don't want to invite the comparison."

4. love the variety on the wall
and that awesome light fixture!
via A Cup of Jo

5. Edith!
She doesn't like when I'm on the computer,
so she sits in front of it and acts cute to get my attention.

6. Street style. Cute outfit.

7. robots in looooove.
title: "love happens"
from vol25 (etsy)

8. a Chanel quilted bag print.
it's my dream bag that i'll never be able to afford.
so i can swing a $25 print!

9. a Boston T-token ring!
man, i miss those things some times.

10. bright, old-timey phone.

i hope everyone had a nice weekend.
happy monday!
fall starts this week, so everyone cover your franks with boots.

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