Monday, September 27, 2010

Things To Love on a Monday

i wish i had this wallpaper.

and these lightbulb decals.

Lego wedding ring !
I'm totally getting Trevor that ring.
We're so engaged.

The new show I'm a part of on Saturday nights.
So gross, so fun.
*Art by Vic Yambao.

Library Stroll Print by Courtney Snyder.
Etsy user memoir.

Blessed are the cheesemakers cozy.
Sure. Why not.

I love notebooks by Scout Books.
via Black Eiffel.

and things without pictures:
* grilled cheese with bacon from South Street Diner.
{and renting a Zip Car at 11pm on a Sunday to get said grilled cheese from said diner despite the fact it's probably a 15 minute walk away}
* being a brunette now.
* Fall.
* nostalgia. I miss being a kid.
* 30 Rock is back! "it ok! don't be cry!"

happy monday.
i'm tired & cranky.

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