Thursday, September 9, 2010

tips for the poor.

via. this image has nothing to do with anything.

in the past month or so, i've had to pay somewhere over $2,000 in bills. that's only for household bills, not including student loans, rent or bar tabs. so, somehow, i've managed to find myself in a little, giant hole {turns out, living alone is not cheap or easy}.

here are some tips i've thought about, and some i'll put into action:

1. okcupid. that's the free one, right? well, my plan here is that if someone were to sign up for okcupid, meet a bunch of weirdos {and maybe some nice guys, too} and have them take you out for dates. you could schedule 2 a day {dinner and lunch}. then you'd never have to pay for you own food. right? i'm far too lazy for that option, so i plan on eating whatever cheese i have left in my fridge and then starving.

2. go home as often as possible {if you live near your parents} and eat their food.

3. go to the bar with your friends and say, "you get this one, i get the next one?" to every single one of your friends. and then leave before anyone has a chance to say anything about it.

4. stay in and watch movies. or read a book. {did that last night. boooring.}

5. clean out your closet and find old clothes you haven't worn in forever and totally forgot about it - it's like shopping! then paint your nails. blow out your hair. put on an outfit that doesn't contain holes and give the illusion that you're not poor.

6. sing in subway stations.

7. wake up. work. go home. sleeping pill. pass out. repeat.

see you next pay day! {which, btw, isn't until NEXT WEEK.}

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