Thursday, October 14, 2010

10 Reasons I'm Weird

 1. i don't like soup. at all.
in fact, today i made red sauce instead of soup to try to help my cold.

2. when i can't fall asleep, i netflix old Nickelodeon cartoons and play them.

3. i've {still} never eaten an egg.

4. speaking of eggs, i don't like breakfast foods. i love making pancakes, but i don't love eating them. it's too sweet and dessert-y.oh, i should also note one of my life-long dreams is to open a breakfast restaurant named "Pattycakes". again, weird.

5. i don't have a passport, and i never have had one.

Degas Ballerina by Edgar Degas
6. i minored in art history in college not only because i was interested in it, but because it was hard. i liked the challenge of studying and making index cards and actually learning something and taking it all in. with PR or journalism, i didn't need to do that because it all came sorta naturally. and honestly? i think about art more often, and i remember a lot of things and it totally helped us in trivia. 

7. i actually enjoy watching iCarly. 

8. i live in the city where there are laundromats everywhere, but i still go home to my parents' house every weekend to do my laundry. 

9. i'm OBSESSED with driving. i've contemplated being a cab driver because i love driving around so much. but, then again, i'd probably get killed. but when i go home to do my laundry, i borrow a car and make up excuses to drive long distances {and sometimes, i don't get out of the car. i drive up route 1 and back blasting Michael Jackson.}

10. i wouldn't consider myself religious anymore, but I still feel guilty about EVERYTHING all the time like a true Irish Catholic.

this is my boredom post. i took the day off from work because i'm sick and i've slept so much and I'M STILL SO TIRED. but at least i get to watch "30 Rock" tonight! LIVE!

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