Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Do you ever look at celebrities - or people around you - and wonder how they make life look so effortless?

I do it. All the time.

I currently work with someone who is always smiling. I've never seen her frown. When she walks, it's like she's performing a waltz. She wakes up early just because she enjoys the morning. And every time I see her, I say, "She has it all together."

Except, I think it. I don't say it. That'd be weird.

It always makes me feel weird and uncomfortable, because I'm not like that. Should I be like that?

I basically moved to the neighborhood I work in so I don't have to wake up early. And I wake up with just enough time to get ready. There's no TV, breakfast, coffee... just getting ready.

When I'm annoyed - I look it. I show every emotion I feel on my face and my walk is less out of "The Nutcracker" and more out of "Stomp".

I have bruises all over my body {from falling... bumping into things... or physical comedy.}

I laugh too loud. I talk too much. I'm full of attitude.

No. I shouldn't be like that. I should be like me! And I'm sure she doesn't "have it all together" because, really, who does? I don't. The Queen of England doesn't! OK... she might, actually.

You know what else? Bacon's awesome.

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