Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Cleaning

Today, I dedicated an hour to cleaning out my work computer. It has been working like a SNAIL lately. And I've got used to it - but then my boss had to use my computer when I was out last week and said, "YOU NEED A NEW COMPUTER." I'm such a pack rat. I save everything. I deleted so much shitty writing that I did, old IA schedules {did I really work that much? Geesh}.

While doing this, I realized I have been working at my current job for sooo long.  I got this job right out of college {literally two days after I graduated} because I freaked out and thought "Why don't I have a job yet?" See this post here. My favorite part of that post is this:
I haven't been "the new girl" in quite some time. . . like, 3 years, so it's a little strange walking in and not having everyone know me, and not know what I'm doing and know everything about the job inside and out. But, time, it takes time. Soon enough I will have tons of friends, know the job like the back of my hand, and be very very bitter. I can't wait!
Oh yes, I was definitely right. Being the new girl sucks, but I'm certainly not the new girl anymore. I'm the old girl. The oldie with back problems if I sleep less than 8 hours. The oldie who can't remember names of people she went to college with. Nope, not even the ones she hangs out with on the weekend. Kelly? Trevor? Whatever. I'll call them "peep 1 and peep 2".

Anyway, an hour later and so many documents have been deleted and disks have been cleaned... and still, my computer is working SLOW. Technology hates me. But a neater desk top helps.

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