Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ghost Story

 Last night, I took part in a video teaser shoot for the IA Halloween show. We shot it in the theater all night, and since the renovation – the theater has been much less terrifying. But believe me, it used to be the CREEPIEST.

But, there’s something about shooting a scary, Grindhouse-style video that ups the creepy factor. I watched Evan rock back and forth in the dark {for the video}, and I said to Kelly, “This must be what filming a scary movie is like. It’s not scary when you’re shooting it – but then when you watch it, it’s super scary!”

Then, things went south.

All of a sudden, we heard noises in the front room. And then someone coughed loudly in the front. We looked around, and everyone was in the theater! Nobody was in the front room – and the door was locked! There was no way anyone could be there -besides someone who worked at the theater – but why would they be there at 12am? So, we all got a little creeped out.

We traveled in packs with flashlights and I carried around scissors and a screw driver just in case there was a burglar or murderer intending to kill us {because that would help us?}We filmed more scenes and over the course of the night began to feel less scared. I still jumped every time random noises happened – or I don’t know, when Catanzano popped out of nowhere with a ski mask on and a knife in his hand!

But in the end, we realized there was nothing to worry about. Madge the Ghost wasn’t back (or maybe not!) and there was nobody in the theater trying to scare or kill us… and it was a tad disappointing. I hate being scared, but the anticipation is so much fun! Needless to say, I managed to make it home alive and not get stabbed in my sleep.


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