Saturday, October 9, 2010


{nope. that didn't work. that title did not work.}

at rehearsal last Sunday, we talked about our college roommates.
michelle told us that hers loved putting inspirational quotes up everywhere.
everyone laughed, or made a gross face.
and i said, "i'm totally that person."

here's me, being that person. and not feeling bad about it!

just some inspiration:

note: this is just what failures say to make you fail better.
{GET IT?!? that also did not work.}
note: what if who are you on the inside is just as bad, if not worse, than your outside?

note: also, computers, tons of TV on DVD, VHS copies of all your dance recitals, Cooler Ranch Doritos, three pairs of boots.

note: but base it on the paths of others so if you fail you can blame them.
tina fey, if i do everything you did, will i have a show called 30 Rock?

all images found at Keep Calm Gallery.

i love you all!
awkwardly and uncomfortably.

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