Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not So Appropriate

The best part about working in entertainment/theater is the people you meet. I've met some great people. People who I've bonded with for many reasons, like: being an outsider, social anxiety, love for nerdy things, pent up anger and a need to express it and the ability to do funny voices.

When I'm around these people, I act myself. Very inappropriate. I constantly make fun of myself and everyone around me. I joke about being so awful that even a sexual predator wouldn't want to have sex with me. Everything is a bit. So when I go to work, I remain myself.

So I do things like:

* sending an agency-wide email to my company including a "that's what she said" joke.

* singing "Can I Get A" by Jay Z in front of co-workers and senior management {although, at least it was sang with another co-worker} {oh, and yes "my coochie remains in a Gucci name" and much worse was rapped loudly}

* making sexual jokes when telling people they "have a package" in the mailroom

* turning normal, regular conversations into bits and scenes with people who don't do improv.

But eh, being appropriate is boring. This is who I am! I'm doing me! I'm doing me!

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