Monday, October 4, 2010

A Sour Patch Day

 That's me and Kirsten playing Sour Patch Kid games.

Today at work I got really mad. Like, really really mad. I went into the supply room to recycle a box. Then I kicked the recyling bin and punched the box... and I hurt both my toe and my finger at the same time.


Because I was done with it. I thought, "I'm going to leave and never come back!"

Then I walked out of work. And I breathed in some air, and I imagined running into my friend who lives around the corner and having him say, "How was work?" and I would say,

"Oh, it was terrible. Just awful. First, I had to do all this conference room re-arranging, and put dishes away because people left them piled in the sink and then I had to BREAK DOWN A BOX! Can you believe it? I had to take my scissors and cut through tape so that I could break down that box. And then, I opened up a YouTube video that the IT guy sent me to watch and it crashed my computer. Crashed it! And when I turned it back on - all of a sudden my mouse and keyboard wouldn't work so I had to keep re-starting it and..."

Catch my drift?

After walking out of that building literally none of it mattered. At all. And it sounded really stupid and silly even reciting it in my head. So then I forgot about it and moved on to the next dumb thought in my head like how it's legal for local convenience stores in my neighborhood to buy Sour Patch Kids in bulk, pour them into a container and re-sell them.

I'm not kidding.

ANYWAYS. THE POINT IS! Get mad then get over it. Or something. Think less about things that are stupid and more about Sour Patch Kids.

And! Play with font sizes.

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