Friday, October 22, 2010

Things to Believe in (on a Friday)

that CB2 designs some of the BEST photo shoots and i want my room to look like it walked right out of a CB2 catalogue. You know, if it had legs for doing that.

that sometimes you need to get a martini called the "Bomb Pom Fizz" {or whatever it was called} because you're having fun with your friends at an Indian lounge and why not?

that all comedians have to hate themselves in some way. if they truly loved everything about their life, what would be funny? {if everything was perfect, everything would be boring.}

that you can't see my eyes because of my glasses frames. but they're Chanel and i don't want to give them up or pay for another pair of Chanel frames!

that playing Christmas music is totally acceptable in October. {not a big Halloween fan.}

that if you do yoga 3 times in 24 hours, eating buffalo chicken fingers is like, wicked good for you.

the word "pork" is really funny.

that wedges are an acceptable alternative to sky high heels.

that doing things you're afraid of can be fun. like going ghost hunting. or seeing paranormal activity 2 in a movie theatre knowing full well you won't sleep for the rest of your life.

that it's not about the destination - it's about the journey.
it doesn't matter if you get the perfect job, or get married by the age you thought you would - it's about what you learn about yourself and the experiences you have along the way.
{i said that while being interviewed today, and i wanted to pat{ty} myself on the pack for it.}

get what I did there?

hey. have a good friday.
and weekend.



emma said...

you're really funny too...hmm...i'm torn as to weather we should be rivals or friends...

Patty Barrett said...

normally, i'd say rivals... because i'm a woman and i'm trained to think of other women as rivals. but i'm leaning towards friends in this case.


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