Monday, October 4, 2010

Things to Love on a Monday

 1. French style.
via: A Cup of JO.

2. hi!

3. yes!
(i want to make one that says yes &! lol. improv humor. rofl rofl rofl.)

4. i know my current purse is a lot like this.
but this one's vintage Coach. mine's modern Coach. boorring.

5. polive and thieves handcuffs necklace!
cause baby, I'm Everett.

6. i'd never wear it. but it's really, really cute.

7. i'm shopping for new show clothes, and i'm loving this look.
8. also loving these really awesome shoes that would definitely kill me.

9. a-z of London.

10. T towel. literally.

today i:
drank more green tea than necessary to kill a cold.
had one of those, "NO NO NO IT'S NOT TIME TO WAKE UP" mornings.
had three coffees from Starbucks. but got one for free!
really enjoyed powering my phone off to save battery. no constant checking.
had natural peach "gel" cups with whipped cream. it was delicious.

good day, sir!

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