Monday, October 11, 2010

Things to Love on a Monday

1. Holidays by illustrator judy kaufmann.
found her through i am a greedy girl. she has really, really great illustrations.

2. friends!

3. Mad Men: The Illustrated Edition by Dyna Moe.

 4. new lights for my room.
they'd look pretty both lit and not lit!

  5. this Rolling Stone Mad Men behind-the-scenes look at Joan.
via A Cup of JO.
6. that is actually my ideal bookshelf.
Madeline? The Little Prince? Winnie the Pooh? The Secret Garden? Yes.
by Jane Mount via 20x200.

I love me some collages.
found via Black Eiffel.

i just bought it from LoveErica on Etsy.
i can't wait to get it, it's so adorable.
{and the return bar actually works!}

9. Cute as a Button earrings.

10. this limited edition Longchamp Eiffel Tower bag.
they stopped making it. it's so expensive. i want i want i want.

you know what I hate?
having to work on a monday holiday.
but you know what I love?
good shows.
Cool. See you later. Bye. Hi Casey.


Rhi said...

Those button earrings are darling (and a bargain!)

Patty Barrett said...

I know! I'm in love! Her shop has a lot of cute stuff!


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