Monday, October 18, 2010

Things to Love on a Monday

1. sandwich coasters are really cute.

2. rifle paper co. might be my favorite ever.
they have great business cards, prints, notecards... everything.

3. i want to be an illustrated person who lives in this illustrated house.
found via You Are My Fave.


5. bacon paper. i could spend entire days on Fred Flare.
i know that... because I do.

5. mr. moustache mobile.
found via Woo!

6. vintage emerald earrings.
maybe to replace the ones you used to have...
that were squished during a dance show.

7. hi 5!
mittens are so adorable, but totally impractical.
i like to text :(

8. doesn't this picture of Grace Kelly look just like January Jones?
found on A Cup of Jo.

9. i love claddagh rings.
although, i may have enough rings with green stones.
but i don't have enough symbols of love, friendship and loyalty!

10. constantly impressed by isketches.

Things I Don't Love on a Monday:
1. not falling asleep until 4am because i was afraid of ghosts.
2. cats who bite and dig their claws into you. (aka ALL CATS)
3. people who don't try to figure out problems on their own before asking.
4. Monday. In general.

I hope everyone has a really, really good Monday.

P.S. I love you! The movie.

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