Monday, October 25, 2010

Things to Love on a Monday

rainbow windshields.
via A Cup of Jo.

painted people! this is ridiculously awesome.
Their skin has acrylic on it, so they look like paintings.
also via A Cup of Jo

 that is all bread.
street art for a good cause.
he won the TED prize and $100,000. pretty cool.
(not sure why i have so much art-centric things to love this week. . . )

i'm a sucker for a bunch of red balloons. and Kate Spade ain't so bad either.
via You Are My Fave.

 i mean, who doesn't need penguin pal oven mitts?

That's all I can give today because Blogger is being an idiot and won't let me upload photos.
Which means you can't see my new haircut.
But I will leave you with this:

Paranormal Activity 2 is very scary.
And makes you not want to sleep.
Or do anything alone at all, ever again.


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