Sunday, October 17, 2010

Truth in COmedy

Sometimes it's not funny. Sometimes it's really bad.

Sometimes it makes you laugh real hard, sometimes it makes you sad. {rhyme!}

Sometimes you do shows where you say really inappropriate things for drunk adults who yell out suggestions like "sex" and "dildo" and "incest".

Sometimes, the next day, you do a show for children who yell out "pikachu" and "disney land" and "call of duty".

Sometimes you do a scene where slowly, over time, you turn into a land line phone over the course of the scene. And a kid yells out, "What's that?" and you wonder what you're doing with your life. 

But then, sometimes, you're touched at how much people love what you're doing for them and they stand up and clap for you when you're done doing it. And then compliment you after - because you made their night. Or if it's a kid, they say things like, "You did a really great job in that show. I had a lot of fun. You were really funny. The boys you work with are cute." {They are, aren't they little girl!}

Sometimes, you meet the Governor.

Sometimes you just have fun with your friends.

It's the worst... and it's the best... and I'm glad I get to do it several times a week. Because if it weren't for comedy, I wouldn't have such a fun time constantly questioning my existence.

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