Sunday, October 3, 2010

You Live, You Learn.

Things I've learned in the past week of my life: 

1. We, as people, exchange dramatic situations. We leave drama only to walk towards more. We all might be happier if we embrace the fact that we actually love to hate drama.We thrive on it!

2. Now talk it out, now talk it out. {When you hold it in, you create situations and ideas that may or may not exist. Just talk. It out.}

3. How to do my eye makeup now that I have darker/brownish hair. Today I mastered it. And I looked in the mirror and told myself I was pretty. {For the record, it retaliated with "Shut up, you hideous monster.}

4. Don't pull apart chicken wings with your hand. They're slippery and they will fall into your margarita.

5. I love Run's House.

6. Parodies are hilarious and awesome and fun to sing in a car with your hilarious and awesome and fun friends. I PUT MY HANDS AROUND MY FRIENDS SOMETIMES. {lol, friends.}

7. It feels awesome to walk through a crowd of people who are in line to see you perform. What commoners! Waiting in line! I'm drinking a diet coke, just ate free food in your cafeteria and now I'm going to HAVE FUN ON YOUR STAGE. Ha! HA!

8. Don't drink a bottle of wine and follow it up with numerous Captain and Diet Cokes... you will pass out on a random futon.

9. Living alone is pretty boring. And when your roommate is on a boat for months, and then you hear someone key into your apartment... it's a really great sound.

10. If your sister has a broken ankle, it's really, really funny to brag about your ability to walk.

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