Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Boys and Girls Club

Picture taken during a similar NXT trip to Goody Glovers in May.
Same people, same bar, different day.

On Sunday, we finished up our NXT show and got changed very quickly. We usually do notes after our shows (which is awesome after a bad show!) – but since our director was out of town, we realized we’d be able to make it to the bar before 10pm. (The kitchen closes at 10.) There was talk of wings and beer and I thought we all needed it.

Once we got there, the guys split off to the bar (the Patriots game was on) and the girls stayed at a table. We were literally split between boys and girls. And then Mat Dann’s gwife (girlfriend/wife) came and she sat with us, too. We drank beers and ate bad food and gossiped about boys, bad dates we’ve been on, Prince William’s upcoming nuptials (that was actually a joke but it turned into an at least 5 minute conversation).

At one point I realized I was eating a burger with a blazer and lipstick on. There I was, trying to be ladylike – sitting at the girls table – and somehow, I was still like a boy. But I was totally fine with it – I did yoga yesterday and that totally balances out burgers. I felt like Liz Lemon too. And that’s never a bad thing. (Except... it sort of is.)

These are the small things I love about my life. Being seperate but equal from the boys.

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