Thursday, November 11, 2010

the injured improviser.

this picture is only here to show you how cute i was as a baby. that's all.

fact: i was a dancer for 12 years of my life. 12. TWELVE. {I spelled it out to really get the point across.} so... coordination is something i {should} have, and i have prided myself on in the past. but then i realized i have rhythm. i'm blessed with that. i can dance to any song and do any type of dance. . . but when it comes to not falling our breaking something while doing it, well, that's another story.

on tuesday night, i was doing a scene and i crossed paths with DiBello... and somehow, he managed to kick me in the leg {accidentally, of course!}. at the moment, it felt like my leg broke in half, it was so painful. and i went off-stage and wanted to burst out crying while i balanced on one leg. but i didn't. i finished the show with a hurt leg. {because.. i'm... a HERO} but it still hurts! and it's bruised and there's a huge bump on my leg and i don't know what to do about it, so i'm just going to make DiBello drive me to our show tonight so that he can make up for it. except he does that every week... so... whatever.

i'll just add this to my list of improv injuries. there have been a lot of falling off chairs, throwing myself on the floor, FULL ON BODY CRASHING INTO PEOPLE while sweeping scenes. it's a difficult job... but someone has to do it.

also, Tina Fey. Video. Love. Her. OK. Bye.

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