Friday, November 12, 2010

Lil' Letters

screen cap from j.crew... and their stupid over-priced clothes and their cute models!

Dear brain, I wish you would stop thinking when I'm trying to go to sleep. Even if it's good, creative ideas! Give me those during the day when I'm depleated of creativity.

Dear Disneyland documentary streaming on Netflix, thanks for giving me fifty of the most magical minutes of my life.

Dear gross nightmare, you're gross. Stop it.

Dear Tina Fey, thanks for existing. I wish I could skip my show on Sunday night to watch you receive your Mark Twain award, but that would defeat the purpose of being inspired by you, huh?

Dear old-school Mariah Carey, you are so good! Your voice is pretty, your songs are fun and you remind me of my childhood.

Dear 112, where did you go? I like your songs. If you're out there and you know it clap your hands. Clap, clap, clap?

Dear AC show we had last night, you were AWESOME and so much fun to do. I wish I could do you every Thursday - but we have other shows to do and love!

Dear J.Crew, there is no reason for this shirt to be $70 or this one to be $72! Do your shirts have magic pockets filled with fun?!? No?!? Then why are they so expensive? --> :( {While we're on it, $98?, $128?  $298? } ugh.... you're KILLING me.

Dear you, have a good weekend! I love you... more than you'll never know.

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