Friday, November 5, 2010

Things Are Happening!

whore makeup!

my week in a nut shell:

- I've got ready to the new Katy Perry album every single morning. And then listened to it while I walked to work and pretended I was in a music video. I feel guilty for not listening to a member of the Jackson family though, so from here on out I will refer to her as Katy Perry Jackson.

- I have crazy calf muscles that look like tiny little monsters trying to break out of my calves. When I’m trying to sleep, they're really annoying. But I found my savior! I ran across the street and grabbed coconut water, which tastes disgusting. I mixed it with some water, and voila! Hydration + potassium = dead calf monsters. {Coconut water is also an awesome hangover cure.}

- I bought “Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol on DVD”. Because it’s my favorite Christmas movie and it reminds me of being a child. Also, because I broke my family’s VCR when I tried to watch “Nightmare Before Christmas” a few weeks ago. :(
- I tried to dress like a whore and I thought I did. But when I told Ryan that it was my goal, he said, “You don’t look like a whore.” DAMNIT. Apparently, whores don’t wear blazers. I have a lot of studying to do.

- I’m writing a spec script – and I have pages of outlines of the characters and situations they'd get in. I feel like J.K. Rowling! If she didn’t create her own ideas, took something already in existence and wrote a fake script that nobody would ever see. I like getting into the brains of these people (both the characters and writers behind them).

- I mixed black and navy! Blasphemy!

P.s. It's Friday! Put ya franks up!

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