Monday, November 1, 2010

Things to Love on a Monday

 1. that it's NOVEMBER. Christmas season is so soon!
found on my fave - You Are My Fave, from this etsy shop.

 2. this puppy!

3. I love the look of this wedding.
from Woo!

4. so awesome!

5. vintage Peanuts christmas ornaments.

6. dressing my 14 year old dog up as a yellow submarine.
he hated it. it was the CUTEST.

7. Keep Calm and Write On

8. hello, typewriter note set.
(can you tell I'm going through a typewriter thing right now?)

9. little antique maps.

10. "I watched a great film noir this weekend... Who Framed Roger Rabbit" - Trevor.
i love Jessica Rabbit.

in other news:
My weekend was both fun and weird. I enjoyed it.
I drank far too much two nights outta three.
It was both nice and terrible.
I'm getting too old.
Also, a friend spent a night in jail dressed as Iron Man.
Pretty hilarious image.

i love you always forever,

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