Monday, November 29, 2010

Things to Love on a Monday

1. Mad Men cookies!
made for Dyna Moe, the Mad Men illustrator by Pipeline Confections.

2. a hot air balloon necklace.
if you like fun necklaces, check out this Etsy shop. so much good!

3. what a cute little apple stamp for all your stamping needs.
Eat Drink Chic

4. United Plates of America: Massachusetts.

5. oh my god. too cute. mini fashionistas get me every time.
A Cup of Jo

 6. bear coasters.
again, i pronounce "beer" as "bear" so it's perfect for me.

7. Cheers holiday cards!
Sam, Diane and Hipster approved.

8. metallic garland!
this would look great at my work's black & bling themed holiday party.
You Are My Fave

9. balloon animal bookends!

10. i love this night light.
i never needed a night light. maybe I'll just use one anyway.

welcome back to a post-holiday work week!
I actually don't hate it.
In fact, I was so hungover yesterday that I cried & I just wanted it to be Monday.
Plus, Kiley (my roommate) comes back tonight!!!!

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