Thursday, November 4, 2010

To Be What I'm Not

This is to show how daunting baking/cooking is to me. Even though I was just 2.

I talk a lot on this blog about what I am and what I do - but I don't talk about what I'm not {besides a seamonster. I'm not a seamonster. Or a Monstar. From Space Jam.} Or what I wish I could be, but I'm not.

I'm not a cooker. Wait, is that a word? Now it is. I don't cook! I WANT TO. I want to cook so bad! I want to bake! I want to make food for my friends and have dinner parties (I did once! Last Christmas! Let's do that again, AC!) I dream of it! And I always intend to do it. But... then I get lazy. And tired. And I either don't eat or I eat pizza because I live in the North End and you can't turn your head without coming in contact with delicious pizza. Oh, I also eat Saltines for dinner. A lot.

And then, I found this blog, From Scratch. Her name is Emma and she makes delicious things. And she made a chalkboard fridge! I've always wanted to paint one wall with chalkboard paint. {I'm also not a very DIY-person even though I want to be that really bad as well.} Basically, she's everything I'm not, but everything I want to be. If that's creepy - then call me creepy!

This weekend, I'm going to try to make something delicious. I was going to try to make risotto, but then I passed out just looking at the recipe. Maybe I'll make something easier. Like... salad. With pre-packaged iceburg lettuce. And some salad dressing. 

Based on my life and eating habits, and the awkwardly funny things that happened to me this week {like falling when trying to be sexy, speaking with a mouthful of water and falling out of bed}... I'm pretty sure all the "30 Rock" I'm watching is turning me into Liz Lemon. Also, I just went to Jamie Oliver's site and found a page called "cheese recipes" and immediately clicked it. Yup, Liz Lemon.

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