Thursday, December 30, 2010

Always A Bridesmaid

That is the cast of Skunk Attack.

In 2010, we won trivia twice.
And came in second place four times.
Who would have thought we'd be really good kinda?

From it, we've gained knowledge.
{Like, for instance, there's a Pop-Tart world in NYC.}
We've participated in healthy competition.
{Like, for instance, me saying "I wish they would just die" last night.}
We've drank three bottles of white wine.
{We were given red and made them switch it!}
We've tried Spanish tapas outside of the North End.
{Thanks to a gift certificate for winning. Duck is good.}
And, most importantly, we had fun with our friends.

Here's to Skunk Attack spraying 2011 out of the water.

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