Friday, December 31, 2010

Auld Lang Syne

Well... it's time to say goodbye.

I had a whole sappy "I love my friends... this year was the best OMFG, I'm going to miss it! I grew up like SO much, LOL" post written out. But forget that! 2010 was a good year. But all years are good years, even when they're bad.

So, here's to my year in 2010. You started out awful... lowest of the lows-type awful. But then, slowly but surely, you became great. Just like me. In everything I do. I start out terrible... but eventually, I become proefficient.

OK. Fine. Here are 5 Good Moments of 2010:
1. Got a tattoo. {It looks better now.}
2. Season Four of Mad Men. Does that count as a personal moment?
4. Fun rehearsals. {And a fun NXT show.}
5. Skunk Attack won trivia.

Add a ton of AC and IA shows, hanging out with my friends, bad decisions, weight loss, yoga, Michael Jackson songs, chillin at Indian night clubs, and a great haircut... and you've got yourself a good year.

But now... we celebrate! Happy 2011!

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