Friday, December 24, 2010

Awkward Compliment Christmas

Wednesday night, we had our annual Awkward Compliment Christmas dinner party. Here are some pictures.  

Things not included in pictures: various shots of homemade limoncello (or matdancello, as I call it), our Yankee Swap which won us an assortment of random gifts (I got a light saber, naturally), Mat Dann taking Cashew for a walk and us re-arranging all of his furniture while he was gone and finally, turning all the lights off and Mark reading us excerpts from "Big Black Butts" as if he were reading "A Night Before Christmas".

 AC cookies by Jenna Webster! "Steak Tip" is a character that commonly comes out in scenes. "Turkey banner" is an obnoxious phrase that Mat Dann says all the time. And every Thursday, after our shows, we order jalapeno poppers and record a video of us eating them and then send it to Matt in LA. "Patty" "Matt" "Mark" "Ryan" "Mat" "Casey" and "Brian" are our names. Just in case(y) you were wondering.

How adorable is Cashew? So adorable he has to be killed!

I mean, look at him. He is so cute! Resting his arm on the arm rest! He's like a muppet.

And here is the present DiBello (and Natalie, his wife) bought all of us:

Merry Christmas from Awkward Compliment!


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