Thursday, December 9, 2010

Junk I Don't Need

I love giving gifts. Absolutely love it! I mean, my bank account doesn't love it. But I love making people happy. But I hate when people {my family} asks, "What do you want?" because how exactly does one answer that question? "Uh, well, I'd like a ton of stuff I don't actually need, but I want it!!" I usually say, "Nothing, I don't need anything." And then my mom and dad get me a big present like a Macbook or something. Which is cool.

Here's a ton of junk I don't actually need, but I want!!

I mean, honestly, where am I going to put typewriter stickers?

well, obviously. the people at Starbucks need to know how cool I am.

a Polaroid instant camera! so many hip pics.

this sequins skirt i can't imagine ever wearing outside NYE.
or this plaid one. which i'd wear too much.

for my overly sensitive ears.

and like, Tina Fey or something.


Tonight is my work holiday party.

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