Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Keep Ya Head Up

Hi. I'm in a bad mood. You know what helps bad moods?

Well, not a raisinette getting stuck to your seat... because it makes you look like you shit your chair. Although, typing that out loud (that's not a thing) did make me laugh out loud. But earlier, when I had to clean the raisinette from my seat, I cried. Because that's the appropriate thing to do and you definitely don't look crazy.

Here's a link list. Who doesn't love a good link list? I swear some of these will boost your mood. They all boost mine. But you're all not me. Which is probably good for you, because that means A. You haven't cried over raisinettes today and B. You don't have a run in your cute new tights. (You guys, I'm really making it happen today.)

I Want To Be Her! - an illustrated style blog... with some photos.

A Cup of Jo has some sweet gift guides. And it's a very cute blog.

Polyvore - if you want to play dress up like I did over the weekend.

Modcloth's shoe selection. and Fred Flare's accessory shop.

Free holiday gift tags.

Peeking into other people's beautiful designer homes.

Catalog Living seriously cracks me up. And since the fake couple's names are "Gary and Elaine", I pretend it's Gary and Elaine from my work. Not that I wish they were married. It's just funnier when I imagine the two of them.

This 2Pac song and this 2Pac song. Thanks to Vince for getting me on a 2Pac kick today.

I feel better already!

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