Thursday, December 30, 2010

Maeby Tonight?

A couple of weeks ago, my boss said to me, "You remind me of the young girl from Parenthood!" I don't watch that show, so I said "Who?" Then I realized it was Mae Whitman. Who also played Anne in "Arrested Development". Y'know, the one also known as as "Her" or "Egg". The one that George Sr. said, "Well, let's hope she's funny" about. So, you can see how I may be a little put off by the fact that I remind someone of a completely forgettable and plain person.

But she obviously didn't mean that. What she meant was, "You remind me of that character because you're both white females with glasses. Also, she is funny and you're the most hilarious person I know. Therefore, you and that girl from Parenthood are kinda similar. But, obviously, you're much prettier. Here's $1,000. Also, go home for the day and take a nap!"

Here's Mae:

Here's Me:

I guess I kinda see it?

At least she didn't say, "Hey! You remind me of that girl Roseanne from Roseanne!" Then I'd be... well, not alive. Or dead.

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