Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa's Gonna Rock

Last night, I went to the thea-ter with my lady friends Kelly, Mary and Shalyn! We got all gussied up in our Tuesday evening best and got dinner in a food court. I'm not kidding. Just four ladies, wearing nice dresses, eating in a food court. My favorite part was asking Kelly what she got to eat and she said, "Lobster bisque and a pastrami sandwich." What a random little girl.

The show was super fun to be at, but I missed being a kid and having shows like that mean something. They're such an event when you're a kid! For us, we couldn't stop laughing at the corny songs {like a song called "Santa's Gonna Rock" which sounded a lot like the theme song for "Baby Bottle Pop"} and when tiny little snowmen came out or rag dolls danced down the aisle.

But the weirdest part of all was how the show ended... with the nativity scene. It went from "Fun! Dance! Christmas in New York! Shopping! Santa!" to... Jesus. There wasn't even dancing! It was just people marching across the stage (the three wise men)... with camels. Two camels to be exact. We all clapped for the camels. And then, the finale was the three wise men giving their gifts to Jesus. Followed by a video {where the projector almost didn't work} that told the nativity story and basically said, "We all live for Him, no army, no king, no ruler, no NOBODY has ever impacted the world as much as his one solitary life." Yiiikes. Then I waited for the Rockettes to come out and kick one last time. But they didn't. It was just... over. They left us high and dry with the taste of Jesus in our mouths.

All in all, it was an incredibly fun night. We ended it at a bar that smelled like 47 people farted in a sewer and was blasting Christmas music. What better way to get in the Christmas spirit? No seriously. It did put me in it! It worked! 

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