Wednesday, December 1, 2010

things that AREN'T important

- the people who make you feel bad about being you.
- the physical qualities about yourself that you "hate".
- what happened yesterday or last week or last year.
- things you can't change.
- other people's status.
- anything that doesn't make you happy.
- calories in ice cream sandwiches when you've had a bad day.
- bad days, in general.
- the things you're not good at (that's why you don't do them!)
- being around people who you don't like to be around. life's too short to waste your time.
- someone else's business.
- what people say or think about you.
- your age in relation to where you are in life.
- what you should have said instead.
- how you're going to make it happen. just make it happen.
- having to justify why you do what you do.

okay. we good?
now that we've got that out of the way
we can all tune into what actually matters and focus on that!
Like having fun with our friends. That matters!

Pattington Bearett

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