Monday, December 6, 2010

Things to Love on a Monday

1. that's a decal on a chalk board. it's very cute.
2. i have no use for a clutch because i don't go out to nice places.
but if i had use for one... this would be "the one".
(both 1 and 2 found via You Are My Fave)

3. what an ADORABLE way to decorate.
found here, from here.

4. little snow bottles. for people who maybe miss winter!

5. this is a cloth napkin.
if i were the type who entertained guests a lot... i'd buy those.
maybe someday. when i'm older. (Brady Bunch, anyone?)

6. it holds matches and strikes them
love that.

7. ain't nothin but a banana pillow.
I'm loving Jonathan Adler's designs.

8. a nice photo of San Francisco.
found at A Cup of Jo.

9. i have a thing for balloons.
found by the beautiful ladies over at Le Wedding Party.

10. these are the sweetest little cards.
and they also remind me of Casey. he likes to say hi.

okay. well. i took the day off from work.
i needed some time to rest after staying up for 24 hours.
it was a success, the event raised $30,078 + counting.
so... that's awesome.
have a nice day!

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