Monday, December 13, 2010

Things to Love on a Monday

1. all of these holiday cards make me wish i had friends
(who wouldn't think I was weird for sending them a holiday card.)

2. mustache gift tags.

3. i would love to decorate my tree with you.
Found on You Are My Fave.

4. the "sensible shoes" passport holder.
brings to mind two things: jeremy yelling at me for my footwear.
and Evan's "Sensible Flats" concept.

5. Kendi, from Kendi Everyday.
I read a lot of personal style blogs, but I just love her sense of humor!
She says things like, "Yarn confuses me. As do my hands."
Plus, how cute is she?

6. this DIY holiday photo booth!
found via A Beautiful Mess.

7. a DIY dessert table! so fancy!
found at From Scratch

8. more engagement pictures to love.

9. AHHH! my old Massachusetts necklace broke :(
this one is AWESOME. You can even put a diamond in your city!
well, Everett is a diamond in the ruff.

10. pac man cookie cutters. adorbs.
found on A Cup of Jo.

i think you're all great.
happy monday!

1 comment:

MnG said...

you forgot that i'ma be home this week!!


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