Monday, December 27, 2010

Things to Love on a Monday

1. when my friend Mary sent me this, I yelled out loud.
mixes my love of MJ AND typography!

2. this picture is gorgeous.

3. this print makes my heart melt.
it's called "Ride Above It"
4. these vintage nail shades.
of course i want the green one. of course.

5. so whimsical and fun.

6. fabulous.
{both 5. and 6. found on Wit + Delight}

7. under my red umbrella, ella, ella, ey ey ey.
{savage, i think i have another obsession. umbrellas.}

 8. le accordeon.
{one of my favorite scenes in Mad Men}

9. snowy paris.

10. legs!

i hope everyone had a great christmas!
i'm snowed in at my apartment.
i just went outside to take pictures,
so i'm currently thawing off.
with a peanut butter sandwich and parks and rec.
happy monday!

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