Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What Christmas Means To Me

I'm still not in the holiday spirit. It's so weird and I hate it! {Well, maybe it's not weird as I'm 24 and not a child... says the girl who has been consistently watching "Rugrats" for weeks.} I need to spend the entire day at the mall listening to Christmas music and see people hustling and bustling, people passing and children laughing. Except, when you go to malls in Boston {or the Cambridgeside Galleria} it's less passing and laughing and more pushing, shoving, crying and then someone gets knived in the face.

But last night, Goody Glover's had a customer appreciation night... which was awesome! We got free drinks all night long. {All night, all night.} And if that wasn't enough, it was like a Christmas miracle with all the guests. First, it was just my normal group of friends but with Taylor {an IA mainstage alum} and her husband, Pat! And then Nick Wilson walked in! And tons of generations of IA actors. And best of all, Jim G. An old bartender at IA who was like my dad, or a weird uncle. He'd yell at me for driving my mother's car too much, but then say things like, "Your tits look nice today!" or less flattering things like, "What's that on your face? A pimple? What are you? 12?" I love him.

So that helped get me into the holiday spirit. It was fun. All my life I wanted to be a cast member on "Cheers" {lie} and last night was the closest thing to it. And everyone was far more attractive. And tonight I'm going out with ladies and we're going to see the Rockettes and dress up fancy and talk about how dreamy Jonathan Taylor Thomas is and which brand of tampons we prefer. So, maybe that will help get me in a yule mood.

But, I will say, pictures of Enchanted Village help:

Honestly, looking at those pictures shoots me right back to my childhood. My mother took us to see it at Jordan Marsh every single year when I was a kid. It melts my heart.

Christmas, everyone. Christmas!

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