Friday, December 17, 2010

Why I'm Happy Today

Awkward Compliment had THE BEST SHOW last night.
I hadn't done the show in a month due to Thanksgiving and other obligations, so getting back up on that stage last night (and having Gudernatch be back with us!) was really awesome and fun. Plus, we had a packed house and my friend Carp opened for us. All in all, a good night.

I got this gift from my friend & co-worker, Matt.
His name is MJ and he got me a book about MJ.
What a world! He's the best.
Yes, those are Krabby Patties and a small rubber chicken.

... and we had an afternoon party at work today that I called
The Big AMP Snowman Reveal Party Potluck and Ugly Sweater Day
It was great. There was SO much random food. Plates were stacked with chinese food, McDonald's, brownies, cookies, sandwiches, etc. I love seeing people giving gifts and being genuinely nice to each other. Even if it's only for one day. {Not that people at my work are generally rude to each other. Generally.}

It's the weekend, now.
Let's be gods.

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