Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Birds and the Bees*

I'm not going to sit you down and talk to you about how babies are made, don't worry. You can figure that out for yourself. And if you need help, there are tons of sites that demonstrate it for you. I know because Mat Dann told me.

Yesterday, I was in the bathroom at work, starting at myself in the mirror. In walked Kathryn with a mission! {I run a small detective agency in the bathroom of my work.} She wanted me to find a sweater/cardigan that she saw someone she didn't know wearing on Facebook. Creepy? I don't know. Maybe. It looked like either something I would wear, or something that would be for sale at a store I shop at. Easy enough! Except it wasn't. I never found it. But it had birds on it! And in my travels, I found some cute shit with birds on it and they reminded me of spring and fun. So here are those treasures!

This bird scarf! The shirt actually had a very similar print to this. I'm digging it.

this bird print dress. those are some sleeves.

this owl lamp. but really, i just love that tennis ball. it's SO happy.

now, this coat is deceiving. it's a little less in your face with its birds. BUT! the buttons have birds on them and so does the lining. birds.

Flock of the Bay coat.

That's it. I'm going to turn into an eccentric woman who only wears bird-themed clothing. People will say "There goes that bird lady again!" and I'll just squawk at them. Then fly away. Far, far away. 

*This post had nothing about bees.

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