Thursday, January 20, 2011

Comedy Crush: Mindy Kaling

I've been finding myself re-tweeting Mindy Kaling more than anyone on Twitter lately! Sometimes, I don't even tweet - instead, I let her tweet for me. If I haven't tweeted in a while, I'll sort through her tweets and pick out the best one and re-tweet it. That's not true, but sometimes I feel like doing it. Writing 140 characters of witty content can be so hard.

Here are five reasons I love Mindy Kaling:

1. She's a Bostonian! And it may be true that around Christmas when she mentioned being on a flight to Boston that I almost got in the car to greet her at the airport with some coffee and several index cards filled with questions! But then I fell asleep.

2. She not only stars in "The Office", she's also a writer and producer. And she's wrote some of the best episodes.

3. She's Harvard-educated. I'm Suffolk-educated. It's like we're the same person.

5. In the recent issue of O Magazine, she said "I try to see a movie a week. Nothing gets me more charged up than jealousy of another person's genius -- it's incredibly stimulating and makes me feel supercompetitive." That's so true - and I love when people admit it.

So... that's my comedy crush of the week.

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