Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not A Snow Day Soundtrack

I'm at work today. When I woke up, it was annoying because I had a sleeping pill hangover and I was cold. And then the streets weren't plowed (nor the sidewalks shoveled) so it was annoying to walk in.  But, whatever, I'm here! And when you say things like, "At least walking in the snow is more of a work out than walking on flat ground" and "Hey, my birthday is in 4 months!" then it's a little bit better. Also, peanut butter works.

At work, we're all just trying to get by. So, Rachel {who I'm trying to get to host a lunchtime talk show in our work's kitchen with me, a la Troy and Abed} and I are doing that by listening to this song:

Yesterday it was this classic:

But there's also:

And, well, because I have to:

That spans a couple of decades and it's amazing how much video quality has changed over time.
I'm sort of partial to the older stuff.
Plus, it looks like MJ's dancing on top of desktop backgrounds!
By the way, HOW CUTE WAS HE THEN? So attractive!

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Nick said...

yes! a thousand times yes!


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