Monday, January 3, 2011

Things to Love on a Monday

1. this ship tattoo.

2. i guess i just can't find anything impractical about this USB hub.

3. just slicing up some gouda on my bread-shaped cheese board. you?

4. love these tiles and red accents.
found on Design is Mine.

5. scripted neon lights. love.
i want a huge one that says "patty" for my room.
in case i forget my name.
Found on Oh Joy!
6. shoot gurl, you know i love dat umbrella.
i love stripes more than stripes love themselves.
found again on Oh Joy!

7. speaking of stripes
found on Green Wedding Shoes.

8. love a good motivational poster.
sure, it's not the awesome rap ones i want to make. but ghandi'll do.
found at Oh, Hello Friend.

9. Tiffany and Co. window displays. love the print.
found at Black Eiffel.

10. this vintage red hair color ad.

well, we did it everyone.
we made it to 2011 in one piece. {sorta.}
i started my new year with a bunch of great friends,
a lot of drinks and a lot of polaroids.
happy monday! and happy new year!

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