Monday, January 10, 2011

Things to Love on a Monday

1. a polka dotted room!

2. fabric dress up dolls.

3. who doesn't need an applause sign?
getting up in the morning is HARD and deserves applause.
found on Woo!
4. another awesome tattoo.
from an old post on A Cup of Jo.
{part of me thinks I may have included this before... if so, woops.}

5. if only the U.S. was really shaped like that.
i'd live a lot closer to Hawaii. and more boxy-shaped states.

6. oh, j.crew lookbook for spring 2011.
i want to wear strappy sandals again!

7. although, this doesn't make winter seem too bad. cute layers, guurl.
found on The Sartorialist.

8. i want these so i could wear them nowhere.
you can make your own shoe clip, too.
found on You Are My Fave.

9. mary sent this to me. she knows me well.
i bought it. i'm so excited for it.

10. sunshine. pool. swimcaps. vintage suits.
what's not to love?

another thing to love?
i'm on staycation right now!
this is currently being posted while i am asleep.

Have a good day!
Just remember...
I love you.

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