Wednesday, January 5, 2011


*falls into canyon and dies.*

Ah, the resolutions debate. Probably the most controversial debate in modern society – pro-resolutions vs. anti-resolutions? I, for one, am pro. I’m the type of lady who likes to be organized. I make to-do lists every morning at work. I like goals – something to work towards. I also like tall boots.

However, I understand the whole “setting yourself up for failure” aspect. But better to try at something than not try at all, right? Isn’t not doing things you want to do sorta-kinda failing? No, it’s not. It really isn’t. But I believe everyone should do what they want to do. And if you try it, and you fail, well at least you tried.

Here are just some things I’m working towards but I won’t beat myself up over if I don’t succeed. {Maybe. I often punch myself in the face just to show myself who’s boss – Tony Danza.}

- Grocery shopping. I don’t do that. I live in the North End and there are no {inexpensive} grocery stores close by and I don’t have a car and I refuse to go to the store with a giant back pack like my sister. But, I often have access to a car and I can go to a cheaper store in the suburbs and buy the groceries I need. Otherwise, I spend a ton of money getting food elsewhere, or I eat saltines for dinner like 3 times a week. That part probably won’t change.

- Yoga. I want to do it more. It relaxes me, makes me feel strong and good about myself and makes my 95-year-old body ache less.

- Cook. Maybe this goes with grocery shopping. But, I never cook. I should cook. I’m turning 25 this year and I want to be able to do adult things like make myself dinner or have a pasta sauce recipe to swap amongst friends at book club meetings or playgroups with our kids. OMG, I’m way behind.

- Hold grudges less. I’m a huge grudge holder. I guess I don’t understand when people do shitty things to me because I’m like soo nice and soo awesome and I always do the right thing. {Wrong!} It’s a waste of time and energy to hold grudges and if people aren’t in my life anymore {or if they are, but are just shitty people} there’s a reason for that. I’ve got better people who still like me enough or that I haven’t pushed away yet. Score!

- Personal style. I like the way I dress and I think it has evolved and changed over the past few years and I'm very happy with that. I just want to take more chances. And clean my closet out... to fill it with new things!

- Get headshots taken. Hi Richie!

- Travel. I'd like to do some more traveling! I'm going to Chicago in February {but I've already been there 3 times}. I'm sure I'll go to Vegas or New York or Washington, D.C. again. But I want to go somewhere new. Like California. Or Paris. Same thing. Which means I should...

- Get a passport. Even if I don’t travel overseas {which I’d love to!} at the very least, I could prepare myself for having to leave the country with a passport.

- Write a book. That’s a big one… and it’s on my list every year. But this is “my year” or whatever.

Those are just a few out of the huge list I made on a piece of Moleskin paper.

Did I just say Moleskin paper? I should add one more thing to my list: be less pretentious.


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