Friday, January 28, 2011

Women in Comedy Week

I don't love Baby Mama. But, I like this picture. And the characters reminded me of me and my friend Julia.

It's Women in Comedy week over at Splitsider. I'm a woman! I do comedy! Personally, I'm kind of sick of the whole idea that women and comedy don't mix and there has to be a week/day/TV show to say "Look! Women can do this, too!" But I guess there's no progression or change without forcing it down people's throats. Like Martin Luther King Jr.! I mean that in a good way. And, to be honest, it's a little difficult to be a woman in comedy. Not going to lie.

Here are some of the posts I liked:

Introduction to Women in Comedy week.

Watching Clueless for the First Time - Clueless is still one of my favorite movies. 15.5 years later. Cher was my first role model. Which is probably terrible.

Why  More Women Should Write Comedy - Now this one's my favorite because this is exactly how I feel. When people say to me, "There needs to be more ladies on the House Teams" or "How come you're the only girl on your troupes?" I say, "Because look at the number of people auditioning. It's 90% men." Here's a quote, that isn't even heightening my idea at all, just saying the same exact thing: "Here’s the missing piece of the puzzle — of the 71 creators with 41 pilots in consideration by the networks last year, only 9 were women. That means nearly eight times as many men had pilots in the running last year as women did — almost exactly the ratio of male to female creators we see on network television today. Overall, women and men are seeing success in comedy in the exact same proportions."

An Extended Interview with Former Colbert Report Head Writer Allison Silverman - it's from the really great book And Here's The Kicker.

In Defense of Judd Apatow's Female Characters. I've never had a problem with them, I thought his women were refreshingly smart, intelligent and normal. They actually got to be characters... not just girls that were there to look pretty and be the straight woman to the funny guy. Also, I love Lindsay Weir from "Freaks and Geeks".

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