Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bad Day

Yesterday was just a no good, bad day.

Sometimes you can sleep wonderfully,
the sun can be shining,
your hair can look good,
you can feel healthy and put together,
but regardless, your day can just be bad.

Something awful happened at my work
and it made me feel totally useless.
It's an awful feeling to see someone in pain, and not be able to help them.

Then I thought that if something bad happened to me,
nobody would know.
My desk is nowhere near anybody,
I live alone in my apartment,
for most of the time - I'm by myself.
So would I die alone?
And would Edith eat me?

Needless to say,
I couldn't sleep!
But I did yoga twice.
And watched "The Proposal". So it wasn't all bad.
And everyone's ok {thank god}
and I'm not afraid of dying alone today!

But I'm definitely still afraid Edith's going to eat me.
She's very vicious. . .

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