Thursday, February 17, 2011

Galentine's Day

{four of the Galentine's Day gals.}

It’s no secret that a majority of my friends are male. I’m totally OK with that. I love nothing more than being called “a bag of skin” {ok, that was on stage} and having an ongoing bit that my Valentine is my yoga mat {he bought me a baguette and we ate it on the floor by candlelight}. I love my guy friends – they’re easy to hang out with, they don’t judge me for anything and they make me laugh. Also, they’re not threatened by me being funnier than them. Y’know, if that were true.

But as I get older, I realize that having lady friends is really important. I’ve always had what I call my “Everett friends” – but I see them a lot less. And I’ve always had Kelly and Jules, but like me, they’re mostly around guys all the time. So we all just act like guys. But on Friday night, I went to Kelly’s and all the boys were out – so our friends Shalyn and Mary were there and we had a mini girls night. We gossiped and talked about things that annoyed us and had sword fights with tampons, naturally.

On Sunday night, we had Galentine’s Day*. Just a night of ladies celebrating ladies! A group of 7 of us went to a nice restaurant in downtown Boston. I painted my nails pink, wore pearls and a lace skirt and ate a steak {which was great after finishing a yoga challenge}. Sometimes I just need someone to get dressed up with {not for}, drink a cocktail {not four} and talk about boys {with no pressure to sleep with them.

At least I’m really nice to myself.

*Galentine's Day originated from Parks and Recreation. It was a very funny episode in which Leslie Knope has a day for her ladies and makes mosaics of her friends' faces out of broken bottle pieces of their favorite diet soda.

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