Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jim Dandy.

Last Thursday night, my friends Mark {who is also a member of AC} and Wack, performed a two-man show before our set. I watch a lot of improv/sketch/comedy and I also perform a lot - and this show was hands down the funniest and most original comedy set I've ever seen. I wish you could have seen it, and when it happens again, I hope you see it.

Wack played a beat while Mark did a dramatic reading of a muffin recipe. And then he opened up a Friendly's menu and read descriptions of ice cream sundaes {like the Jim Dandy, which is a delicious banana split.} Then Mark told jokes, and when he was done he would yell at Wack for not playing a beat right {so if a joke was dumb, it was all Wack's fault.} Then they switched and Mark played drums. And then they took a break and competitively ate apples to "It Takes Two". Then they did Yo Momma jokes, fought more and played more beats. It was... amazing. 

Here are some pictures! Very, very funny.

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