Thursday, February 24, 2011

Keep 'Em Laughin

Trevor and I are going to write books called "Keep Em Laughin". Mine will be a touching, motivational story about a young woman's journey to overcome her fears and her crippling social anxiety disorder and breaking down comedy barriers to attain true happiness and pave the way for other women just like her - all while keeping them laughing.

Trevor's will be about... improv. And things he thinks are funny, sometimes. Some pages will be blank. Some will have stick-figure illustrations. Some will just ask for suggestions and then he'll write out some scenes he thinks he could do with that suggestion. Some pages will just be filled with poop jokes. All while, keeping you laughing.

Two very different books, yes. But that is the cover for both of them. And both are dedicated to our comedy heroes, Bobby Brown and Miss Piggy.

Look for our books in Winter 2012, published by Trevor and Patty's House of Book Publishing.

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