Monday, February 14, 2011

Things to Love on a Monday: Valentine's Edition

1. cute clothes pins!
found on Eat Drink Chic.
2. what a fancy pillow!
{also found on Eat Drink Chic}

3. most adorable card. ever.

4. mmm, baguette. in paris! the city of love!
the day is about love and i love bread!
HIP in Paris.

5. mini red velvet cupcakes.
made from scratch over at From Scratch.

6. a kissing checklist print.

7. what a baking genius.
found on Woo!
tutorial for my ambitious baking friend, Savage. challenge!
8. i've included this Annie Hall-inspired print before.
Get over it!

9. some Valentine's bunting.

10. if all else fails, that robot loves you.

have a good day.

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