Monday, February 7, 2011

Things to Love on a Monday

1. life's a beach!
found on the new Kate Spade NY tumblr. awesome.

2. loving this old-timey camera print.
3. in case you didn't know,
i'm also obsessed with Elton John.
found on Woo!

4. love these bird brooches.
oh god, crazy bird lady is back.

5. rocking horse candles!
found on Catalog Living. which is very funny.

6.  awesome pre-computer generated bubble pictures in Paris from the 60's.
found on Black Eiffel.

7. cute little Boston print.

8. what i'd do for a sun bath.
and then i'd get real bored.
via The Sartorialist

9. 1. embroidered glasses!
i'm going to do this to every single shirt.

10. clams!
there's also one that say "bacon" and "cheddar".
happy monday!

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